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Test 2

The way you live is the way you look

Form 6

К учебнику English 6 класс

С.Г. Тер-Минасова, Л.М. Узунова, О.Г. Кутьина, Ю.С. Ясинская

I. Complete the sentenses with the words from the box. You have some extra words.

pretty         handsome       share a room       the ground floor       proud       interesting  while     polite

1) I don’t ………….. with my brother. I have a room of my own.

2) I enjoy reading adventire books ……….. my friend likes detevtive stories.

3) I live in a two-storey house on ………… .

4) Jimmy is ………… of his collection of stamps.

5) The man in the picture was …….. ,with dark eyes and hair.

II. Put the verbs in brackets in necessary grammar form

1) Last weekend my family ………… (to spend) in the park.

2) There ………. (to be) a custom to celebrate Thanksgiving Day in the family.

3) Next summer holidays …….. (fly) to the seaside.

4) We …….. already ……. (to buy) all products for our picnic.

5) Listen! Tom …….. (to play) the guitar now.

III. Match the parts of the idioms.

1. As free as                  a) a mouse

2. As quiet as                b) a bird

3. As strong as              c) a squirrel

4. As clever as              d) a monkey

5. As quick as                e) a horse

IV. Write the antonyms

1. practical – _________________

2. wise – ____________________

3. caring – ___________________

4. usual – ___________________

5. original – __________________

V. Complete the sentences

1. Jane takes care of her granny. She is really ______________.

2. Mary always says “Thank you”, “Sorry”. She is very_____________.

3. My sister Kate is ________________, she loves talking with people.

4. Ann always has new and original ideas. She is a _______________girl.

5. Andrew has won the Olympiad in Maths. He is an _____________boy.

VI. Change the sentences. Use the words: early, mid, late

1. She is 57. _______________________________________________

2. Jack is 15. _______________________________________________

3. He is 72. ________________________________________________

4. Liz is 19. ________________________________________________

5. Carol is 48. ______________________________________________

VII. Read the text and do the task.

Last Sunday my friends and I went on a picnic to Kolomenskoye park. The weather was warm and sunny. We got to the park at noon and found an ideal place for a picnic on the hill with a great view of the Russian church.

Firstly, we helped Vlad’s parents put the blankets and deck chairs on the soft green grass. Vlad’s mother took a great picnic basket with lots of great things in it such as chicken rolls, sandwiches, lemonade and cakes. After lunch we all went went to fly kites. It was windy and soon our kites were high in the sky like big bright birds.Then we played football and badminton. Vlad’s mum had a camera and took pictures of all of us to keep unforgettable memories of the wonderful day we spent in Kolomenskoye.

Write down the following questions putting the words in correct order.

1) last   did where   spend     Sunday   you     ?

2) was       the     like     weather     what     ?

3) have food   with     what   did   you       you     ?

4) games   did   play   what     you ?

5) Vlad’s mother       did   why     take     a camera     ?

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